Building and installing termite on Void Linux

I wanted to install termite on Void Linux, but since termite uses a custom build of vte, it wasn't included in xbps.
this didn't sound like a problem for me, just have to build more myself! but it was a bit harder then expected.
so hereby how to build and install termite!

first lets install all the dependecies for the building:

sudo xbps-install -Sy \
  git-all gcc make automake \
  autoconf gtk-doc glib-devel  vala-devel \
  gobject-introspection pkg-config intltool \
  gettext-devel gnutls gtk+3 pango gnutls-devel \
  gtk+3-devel pango-devel gperf pcre2-devel

If you don't have a build folder yet, I recommend you make one

mkdir build
cd build

After that we need to checkout the source of custom vte, this is available on git here:, so we can just run git clone on that

git clone
cd vte-ng
git checkout 0.48.2-ng # (Find the latest branch via git branch or via github)

After that we need to configure this. which instead of ./configure is done here via ./

./ --prefix=/usr

The --prefix is needed otherwise it will install in /usr/local which is not used by void

now we configured it, we can do the usual make steps:

sudo make install

we now installed the custom vte lib!

Now to install termite, first let's go back to our build folder and clone termite: we need to use --recursive since termite uses some submodules.

cd ..
git clone --recursive
cd termite

Now for termite, there is no ./configure so this means the prefix is hardcoded in the Makefile, which we need to edit, we can use sed for this

 sed 's/PREFIX = \/usr\/local/PREFIX = \/usr/' -i Makefile

now run the usual make steps:

sudo make install

And you're done, you succesfully installed termite!

Update 12-04-2017: Add new dependecy and fix outdated repo :)

Update 06-06-2017: Fix dependecy that doesn't exist